Grocery delivery service.

As the primary designer working with the Marketing Team, my responsibilities spanned print and digital mediums and included
an array of dimensions and applications.



Print materials ranged from fridge-wraps and window signs, to t-shirts and water bottle designs. Many of these materials were co-branded with Instacart partners, which meant that most projects involved working within both Instacart and their partner's brand guidelines.


Instacart Partners include: Whole Foods, Target, CBS, Petco, Lyft, Costco, and local businesses in cities across the country. 




Other print materials also included creating a design for application on a water bottle and t-shirt for giveaways at launch events. For these I wanted to design something that people would actually use and wear without feeling too much like a billboard.





Many of the social media campaigns were accompanied by print materials and in-store announcements. Some of the most common of which were check-out fliers and bag stuffers which would be included with delivered goods.




In-house materials included a one-sheet brand guide which was rolled out to support the Instacart rebrand in January of 2016. I also assisted the HR Team, and founders with design and layout of their New Hire Orientation presentation, this included a new presentation template created in Google Slides.